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Tuning In Activity Cards


Our 24 activity cards follow the Sounds of Intent levels of musical development, which is an evidence based framework of how children develop musical knowledge and abilities. The cards below, which have been trialled with over 50 autistic children and their families, give ideas for activities to promote musical interests and development at every stage - from the earliest forms of sound-making through to playing and improvising entire songs.

The cards cover four levels. From Level 2 'making and controlling sound' to Level 5 'playing pieces in time and in tune'. In each level there are three different types: 

  • Reactive cards have activities that encourage your child to respond to sound.

  • Proactive cards have activities that encourage your child to make sound.

  • Interactive cards have activities that encourage you to make sounds together.


Guidance on specific pathways for using the cards can be found here

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 Download the full set of the Tuning In activity cards below

Level 2

Level 3

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