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About Us

Tuning In: Autism is part of an ongoing research project at the University of Roehampton which explores the role of music for autistic children.

The research started as a PhD project in 2017 which looked at the role of music for autistic children. It found that music can play an important role in helping to support communication and interaction for autistic children and their families. It also observed that music was an important outlet for play, and could support development for all children, regardless of language or communication ability. The Tuning In: Autism resources aim to empower parents and families to use music more in their everyday lives and unlock their child's musical creativity.   

Meet the Team

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Dr Caitlin Shaughnessy


Caitlin Shaughnessy is a postdoctoral researcher at the Royal College of Music and the University of Roehampton. She began the Tuning In project as part of her PhD exploring the role of music for autistic children and their families and now works across arts-in-health settings to support the use of music to nurture wellbeing. 


Professor Adam Ockelford 


Adam Ockelford is a Professor of Music and Director of the Applied Music Research Centre at the University of Roehampton, London.Adam has had a lifelong fascination for music, as a composer, performer, teacher and researcher and over 40 years of experience working with and teaching music to autistic children 

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The LikeMinded


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What Parents Say

"Without communication skills, you really have to find other ways to connect with him. His instincts are always to play alone, so things like music where you can do it together is really great"

— Parent

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